Reaching your target audience can be so easy!

TuTuAds helps advertisers achieve success with its comprehensive marketing campaigns

Tons of worldwide traffic

-We have a global network and wide variety of traffic sources
-Both PC and Mobile traffic
-Standard and exclusive innovative ad formats

High Quality

-Premium and exclusive ad inventory resources
-Premium Affiliate partner resources
-Top LTVs (Life Time Values)

Cutting-edge Technology

-Strong, accurate targeting in multiple dimensions
-Automatic optimization tech ensures your CPA target
-Supports all kind of tracking with a realtime dashboard

Dedicated account management

-Scale up the campaign at your own pace
-Follow your campaigns in real-time
-Set precise user capping and daily budgets
-Benchmark data sharing with premium advertisers

Strategies : Operating the campaigns comprehensively

TuTuAds provides customers with integrated marketing service of market suggestion, traffic configuration, customized campaign, comprehensive promotion scheme, performance tracking and optimization.

Step 1

Market Proposal

Select the most suitable promotion market in the world based on product characteristics and offer localization suggestion to achieve success in the target market

Step 2

Traffic Configuration

Create customized promotion methods and platforms according to the characteristics of products and market and expand overseas markets through our four marketing platform of Social Media, Search Engine, EMN, DSP.

Step 3

Customized Creativity

Customize the advertising campaigns based on the characteristics of products and target audience, spread product value and attract people through many forms of media like text, picture, video and so on.

Step 4

Scale Advertising

TuTuAds has the most professional team to offer you the perfect advertising service, making full use of various advertising platform to help acquire target audience.

Step 5

Performance Tracking

Have real-time feedback of the advertising campaigns based on industry-leading performance tracking system and multi-dimensional report and offer data support for advertising campaigns.

Step 6


Have manual optimization and intelligent optimization based on marketing data and help to improve the performance and conversion rate of advertising campaigns.

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